Magic Mushroom Beer Brewed Under German Purity Law

About Us

BC Cannabis Seeds is proud to serve 100% BC grown medicinal cannabis seeds. We started our company after deciding we were tired of getting seeds that were insuperior to our standards. We understand the importance of getting the right seed for the right grow. There are so many different strains to choose from (and companies to buy these strains from) but its not hard to see why we stand out. Selecting only our best cannabis strains and giving you the best price we can.

We have designed our web services to meet all your needs, including privacy. We take your information very seriously. If we don’t, like almost every other seed bank online, your safety will be at risk. This is the last thing we want for you and our business, to thrive we must provide you with a safe way to order without your information being stored in files. This is why we use secure methods for all our orders.  We stand behind our products and shipments.

We take pride in our medicinal cannabis products and hope you enjoy the seed bank service we provide!